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Your culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage you have.

Your culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage you have.

Assessment & Development

The success of a newly appointed executive or board member is not purely attributable to their ability to perform in their role but also how they can influence, adapt and impact the organisation at a cultural level.

CHA tailors our assessments for specific roles allowing candidates to be evaluated on specific competencies which would be best suited to the role. An NED for example, ideally would show considerable strength of character, integrity and high ethical standards whilst having superior emotional intelligence.

Talent Q

CHA uses Talent Q as an assessment tool which offers a suite of assessments. We outline a few of the more popular tools we use below. The assessments provided by Talent Q have been developed by a team under the supervision of Roger Holdsworth, who was one of the main authors of many commercial psychometric assessments and has been credited for bringing psychometrics into the mainstream. Having learnt from the developments over the last century, the assessments they have developed are all reliable, valid and fair as well as being innovative, user-friendly and technologically advanced.

The Dimensions assessment’s aim is to measure aspects of commonly occurring competencies related to personality characteristics in work settings.

These competencies can be customised to suit each individual role or project. Dimensions measures three ‘domains’ of human behaviour in the workplace:

  • People & Relationships
  • Drives & Emotions
  • Tasks & Projects

The Drives assessment identifies the values and motivations of candidates and employees in the workplace.

It’s purpose is to measure the factors that help stimulate and energise people in their working lives. Drives measures 4 domains of human motivation:

  • Challenge
  • Connection
  • Esteem
  • Personal

Understanding team dynamics and embedded personality traits can allow for better team cohesion and smarter hiring, whether internal or externally.

Using Dimensions helps to identify candidates’ strengths, possible areas for development, and suggest additional areas to consider, thereby providing an initial evaluation of their perceived effectiveness in a role and ‘fit’ within a team.

Achieving a good team balance provides an important foundation for a positive working environment which means better inclusion, discussion encouragement and productivity.

Understanding your strengths and areas of development is very powerful tool.

If you have taken part in an assessment with CHA, we ensure you are provided with a copy of your report and a chance to discuss the results.

If you want to take your development further, CHA works with a variety of executive coaches that can help you understand how to apply your results in a meaningful way to better impact your career and professional development.

In a well run search process, your shortlist should consist of candidates who can all do the job well and add value to your organistion.

At this stage it often comes down to cultural fit and team dynamics.

Using the results of our assessments, CHA can provide an easy to use candidate comparison tool which captures comparisons across core competencies for the role as well as team fit. This tool can be useful when understanding how candidates will fit into an existing dynamic and where they differ compared to other shortlisted candidates.

How do we apply the results?

Assessments are useful across the Talent Life Cycle.

From initial hiring to understanding team dynamics, Clifton Hill Associates can help. Using assessments to support new hires is often just the start.

Global Results

Having the ability to analyse a candidate’s problem-solving skills, decision making, and style of communication allows firms to create a perfectly diverse team. The ability of our assessments to be taken in over 40 languages allows our candidates and teams to take the assessment in their first language allowing for a more accurate assessment. Having completed these assessments all over the world, CHA understands that different regions and cultures results can be different, and we have the track record of successfully interpreting the results.

Global Executive Search

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