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Board composition is changing.
A fresh perspective on appointments is essential.

Board composition is changing.
A fresh perspective on appointments is essential.

Board Directors & Chairs

With political and economic uncertainty, rapidly changing technology, shareholder activism and increased regulation, the role of the board has never been more important; or had more scrutiny.

The expectations around business from society has never been greater; Chairs and Directors need to be more agile, responsive and innovative. In addition, with the recent updates to the Corporate Governance Code having an increased emphasis on culture, purpose and the workforce, the role of the board has been refreshed; linking shareholder return with an organisation that has a purpose beyond profit.

We know each one of our clients have different needs and face challenges that are both unique and complex; each board requires a unique set of skills and personalities for it to maximise it’s efficiency. Starting with CHA’s BoardDynamix™, it is important that all aspects of your current board are reviewed and discussed so we can work with you to identify the talent which will have the biggest impact on your board.

The role of the Chair has never been more critical or complex. CHA can see past what Chair candidates “should” look like and identify candidates who have the traits and skills to effectively chair a board; not just add value as a non-executive.

The role of the Chair is evolving from a “figure head” to a genuine guardian and ambassador for the organisation. Ensuring that the business has a purpose and creating the overall culture and value now sits firmly on their shoulders. A strong Chair should be challenging and provocative in their engagement with the CEO; pushing and cultivating their talent. The days of Chairs and CEOs speaking once a month is gone, frequent and meaningful communication is now best practice.

Years of experience alone, is no longer the deciding factor when choosing a Chair. They need to be able to add significant value around culture, leadership and accountability; facilitating productive discussions, ensuring the right issues are being addressed in the right way, whilst creating a culture that allows honest and frank discussion, are the attributes the most effective Chairs possess.

NEDs are appointed to fulfil certain needs or gaps in the overall experience on a board, ensuring that the organisation has the experience and knowledge around business critical issues.

With this in mind, it is essential that prospective directors can add value beyond their core capabilities and perhaps the expertise in which they were appointed for. If a candidate can only add value or challenge around their area of expertise then they might not be the right candidate.

Clifton Hill looks for board candidates who are able to add value and be actively involved in constructive challenges around business critical issues like sustainability, leadership, governance, financial performance and stakeholder management.

There is not an expectation that candidates are experts in the above areas, but we feel they should have an awareness and are able to ask the right questions.

In addition to ensuring our candidates fit the skill requirements and culture of your board, we also take into consideration aspects such as “over boarding” and market reaction around appointments. A new board appointment can directly impact your share price and market reputation so it is essential that each process is thoughtful, innovative and well managed.

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