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Our objective counsel constructively widens your board’s view of potential new directors.

Our objective counsel constructively widens your board’s view of potential new directors.

Board Dynamix™

To ensure your board’s ongoing vitality and effectiveness, you must creatively tap into new, more diverse talent pools.

The corporate landscape is increasingly being shaped by globalisation, changing technology, increased levels of corporate governance and scrutiny from external stakeholders. The need to evolve past traditional board composition and director profiles is paramount in ensuring your organisation maintains a competitive edge, maximises shareholder return and behaves as a good corporate citizen. Clifton Hill Associates has developed a bespoke Board assessment product, Board Dynamix™, to help your team perform at the highest level, both now and in the future.

Our service includes four key elements, all of which can be delivered as stand-alone products, although we find that using all four together gives optimum results.

We use our psychometric assessments to gain insight into your board dynamics.

This allows CHA to review and assess the strengths and development areas of current directors from a cultural perspective, as well as to identify where there might be a particular skill or gap within personality traits. High functioning boards have a variety of competencies and roles that directors play that allow them to function; if you are over indexed in one area, it can cause inefficiency and conflict.

In addition to our Talent Q Assessments, we engage the whole board in conversations to explore relationships, interactions, and behaviours; with a focus around the cultural and overall integration of prospective new directors.

This allows us to recommend potential board candidates that will add value and enhance the current culture of the board. This is supported by a review of skill-sets and experience, ensuring a diverse and efficient board.

Identifying and cultivating leaders to enable sustained business success is an on-going process.

Development of a board or executive leadership team begins with defining and hiring the right people. It then continues with developing and maintaining a robust succession pipeline that can face market changes, challenges and opportunities.

Once we have completed our assessment, we provide you with an in depth report divided into the following key areas, and offer solutions and support as your business moves into the future:

Global Executive Search

& Trusted Leadership Advisor.