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The difference between competent & exceptional is in the detail.

The difference between competent & exceptional is in the detail.


Forward thinking leaders who balance risk and who are decisive are the leaders businesses need now and in the future.

They are able to adapt proactively, deliver reliably, engage for impact and make decisions with speed and conviction, earlier and faster.

The recruitment of a new CEO should start well before it is needed; having a robust succession plan in place is essential. CHA will work with you to identify the traits, competencies and skills that your next CEO will possess to ensure the continued growth and success of your organisation.

Once there is a successful appointment, our work does not stop , CHA will be alongside you every step of the way from the appointment to the on-boarding. Your success is ours.

There can often be a disconnect between what the perception of the ideal CEO candidate is and what a truly exceptional CEO candidate looks like.

Successful CEOs are not always the charismatic extroverts that are portrayed; they can often appear more introverted during the interview process. This is why interviews alone can often overlook the best candidates and all of CHA’s Executive Searches include our Assessments as standard.

It is essential that the board is clear around the desired culture and long-term vision for the company before starting the process. CHA will work with you to identify the traits and competencies that a successful candidate will hold in order to deliver the vision and values that you require.

Successful CEO appointments can either be internal or external so having a strong bench of talent is essential.

With CHA’s Succession Planning solutions, we can work with you to ensure that there is a thoughtful approach to succession planning that leaves your organisation in a strong position.

CHA can partner with you to advise, counsel and coach throughout the process of a CEO appointment. Whether it is to assist with a planned appointment or to support you in an emergency we can help. We know that the appointment is just the beginning and we are here to support throughout the journey. CHA has access to the best executive coaching and mentors in the industry to ensure the continued success of your new appointment.

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