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The complexity of the modern business environment demands a different type of leader.

The complexity of the modern business environment demands a different type of leader.

Corporate Affairs & Communications

In a politically dynamic and economically challenging global environment, having a strategic and commercial approach to stakeholder engagement is critical.

Corporate Affairs, External Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement, Government Relations; it is different in every organisation. It is imperative that your search partner understands the how’s and whys of the role to truly be able to identify the most suitable candidates.

Appointing the right candidate is just the start; organisations often struggle finding an ideal internal structure within these functions which enables them to support the board and executive team. CHA can assist in understanding what successful structures look like as part of our Market Mapping & Intelligence Practice.

Going beyond the role profile, CHA understands the social and political issues that face your organisation in emerging and frontier markets.

Understanding the previous and current political landscape as well as more localised issues into all of our searches ensures that not only a strong technical candidate is appointed but one that can add value from a cultural integration viewpoint as well.

These roles often create an element of difficulty in the search process as for many of them, there has not been a clearly defined career path which makes a tick box hire impossible. It is important to fully understand the difference and scope of the role to ensure successful candidates have been identified and have the right set of skills.

Types of roles CHA cover:

  • Group Head of Government Relations
  • Regional Director, External Affairs
  • Policy and Government Relations Advisor
  • Director, Political Risk, Middle East

Social media, 24 hour news cycles and access to information has changed the way external stakeholders engage with business.

The risk of getting this wrong is often huge and unquantifiable; it can take years or even decades to restore your reputation. Many of our clients have had the luxury in the past of being some of the largest companies in the world that most people would not recognise and as such had not developed strategic communication strategies that allowed them to tell their story beyond their core audience.

It is imperative to have a strong communication’s function to ensure that your strategy is proactive and if needed, your crisis’s are managed. In order to identify top talent, there is often a need to look outside your sector to ensure you are bringing in innovate and exceptional talent.

Examples of Roles CHA has delivered:

  • Group Head of Communications
  • Director, Investor Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Vice President, Internal Communications
  • Head of Digital Communication

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