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The transition to a low carbon world requires exceptional talent.

The transition to a low carbon world requires exceptional talent.


As the last few months have proven, having leaders who are agile, robust and confident is essential to navigating through a crisis. The pressures on leaders has never been greater; an organisation's survival is dependent on their people.

In addition, the industry needs to be looking at how to attract talent that can help them develop the technology that will be required for future generations, giving their organisation a competitive advantage and helping to drive forward decarbonisation whilst maintaining shareholder returns.

CHA works across the energy landscape supporting clients operating in:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Oilfield Services
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy
  • Power & Utilities
  • Nuclear

Fossil fuels still account for over 75% of the world’s energy consumption. Cleaner more carbon neutral alternatives are being developed; however, they are still expensive and not yet capable of fully replacing more traditional energy sources completely.

Evolving energy demands and pricing outlooks are transforming the oil and gas industry. This means that the energy sector requires new business models, rationalised portfolios, accelerated investment in digital technologies and greater capital flexibility to continue to drive commercial performance.

Most urgently, an ageing workforce compounded by a retracting pipeline of young talent feeding through has created a global talent shortage that needs to be urgently addressed. CHA follows these critical and evolving trends and how they impact the energy industry; by understanding the risks facing the sector, we can better advise our clients on the best talent strategy, ensuring they are retaining strong leadership and attracting the best and brightest to help navigate through an uncertain future.

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