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Your business is unique, the approach to search should be as well.

Your business is unique, shouldn’t the approach to search be as well.

Executive Search

Attraction and retention of talent is the greatest risk facing modern businesses; mitigating this risk requires an informed and targeted approach.

Partnering with CHA on your search begins with us understanding your company – from vision and culture, to corporate objectives. Having this understanding allows us to identify the best candidates, who will add the most value to your business – where you want it.

Finding top candidates is only part of the search; ensuring a smooth and successful transition from offer and negotiation to on-boarding and integration will define the ultimate success of a placement.

Our Process

Having fully understood and mapped out the candidate specification, we use a combination of methodical research, specific competency and/or experience-based search, and current networks or new contacts for referrals, to ensure a comprehensive list of candidates – both those who perfectly fit the brief, and those you may not have expected to work well in the role.

These key competencies form the cornerstone of our assessment process and help to establish a high-quality research plan with anticipated target organisations and candidates.

In order to ensure that you remain informed and involved throughout the assignment, we send weekly Status Reports. These provide you with the opportunity for comment or feedback on our progress.

In addition to this, we ensure we have set up regular calls to discuss the progress of the search and to troubleshoot any challenges as they arise. Having strong client engagement throughout the process ensures we are moving towards a successful appointment.

We use a three-pronged approach, consisting of:

1. Initial screening of candidates by the research team, followed by consultant interviews
2. Psychometric testing to understand personality, attitude and working style
3. Competency-based interviews that explore technical ability as well as cultural fit

Each search is unique and additional steps and assessments can be added. We aim to ensure that our processes fit your needs as a client and they are always adaptable.

We will work closely with you to agree a suitable shortlist of candidates, providing detailed candidate reports for each. We will also use the outcomes of our three-pronged candidate assessment process to recommend topics to be explored further during interview.

We know that at shortlist stage, all the candidates have the relevant experience and could successfully do the job, making selection often difficult. We have created several additional reports and analysis based on our Assessment Tools which can help support your decision and ensure a strong cultural fit.

Once the successful candidate has been selected by you, we will partner with you to ensure a smooth offer process. We also check-in with our placed candidates regularly to ensure a successful transition and on-boarding process.

Our support doesn’t end at the appointment but continues to help support the successful candidate throughout their on-boarding and beyond. We can also support you on succession planning, team integration and executive coaching and mentoring.

Global Executive Search

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