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Do you know where you want to go?

Do you know where you want to go?

Your Executive Career

We understand that every move you make in your career bears significant weight for your professional reputation and potential job satisfaction.

By ensuring you are well-informed about a potential move, you can eliminate any risk or unforeseen challenges (such as cultural fit, career progression possibilities, etc) and ensure a smooth transition. You shouldn’t wait for a search consultant to approach you before thinking about your career; proactivity is a prerequisite for progression.

When working with CHA as a candidate, we understand how impactful a decision to accept a new role can be not only on your career, but also on your family and personal life. We will endeavour to create a long-term and meaningful relationship with you, and to guide you as much as possible throughout the process.

As a candidate with CHA, we have developed our Candidate Charter, which sets out our promises to you as a candidate;

  • To keep you informed on the process you are in and provide timely, honest and constructive feedback.
  • To treat your personal information sensitively and confidentially in line with GDPR and Data Protection best practice.
  • To work with you to ensure you are well-prepared and excel during your engagements with the client – be that interview preparation or simply how to structure your CV.
  • To be inclusive, fair and open-minded.
  • To develop a long-term relationship with you beyond current opportunities; this includes feedback on your CV and career advice, should you want it.
  • We also work with several executive coaches, so if your needs go beyond a general chat, we can make referrals to them.

Candidates are often unsure about how much search firms can really help in their pursuit for a new opportunity; whilst it is important to remember we are primarily mandated by our clients, we are not short-sighted to overlook the needs of our candidates.

As such, if you are actively looking for a new role we would of course love to hear from you, and will be happy to contact you when something of interest comes up.

We are happy to give you general career advice and help with your CV, however, if you need guidance beyond this, we would suggest getting in touch with an executive coach. CHA works with a number of talented executive coaches and depending on your requirements, would be happy to make a referral.

Do you have questions on how to write the perfect CV, how to improve your interview style or simply how to start to think about your next move?

CHA understands the better prepared you are as a candidate the more successful we are. Please visit our Thought Leadership page for articles, events, webinars and how to guides which can help support and guide you through your next career change.

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