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In dynamic industries, a more flexible & forward-thinking approach to talent is imperative.

In dynamic industries, a more flexible & forward-thinking approach to talent is imperative.


We understand that traditional candidates may sometimes not be the best fit for such an evolving set of sectors, and our ability to source talent from across different industries with diverse backgrounds will help to ensure our clients commercial success.

Across all industrial sectors, the key word is innovation; which brings its own challenges. Dynamic new operating models, a fluid talent base and globalisation compound the challenges heavy industry faces.

Technological advancement brings with it new and untested challenges for global organisations. Risks such as cyber-security requires a new skill set both at the executive and board levels to ensure companies are prepared for the challenges of the future as well as being ready for more traditional risk factors such as shareholder activism, economic uncertainty, and health and safety.

Our Industrial Practice Covers:

Building Products

In a sector that is beholden to the cyclical nature of both commercial and residential demands, the pressures on executives is never ending. The need for consolidation and the fluctuations in commodity prices, ensures the need for resilient leaders.

Agribusiness, Food & Commodities

Growing populations, changing weather patterns and water shortages have created the need for the industry to look outside itself to attract talent from beyond the sector and from the very markets it seeks to reach.


From the changes in finance from public to private, the increased demand from emerging markets, and projects becoming larger and more complex; finding the right leadership has never been more important.


Supply chains, sales and marketing, and a renewed focus on the consumer, makes this sector attractive to a diverse pool of candidates. The challenges are global and the need for leaders who have knowledge of the full supply chain are essential.

Aerospace, Defence & Aviation

Reducing carbon footprint, geopolitical challenges and economic uncertainty continue to create challenges for the industry. Surviving in a post COVID-19 world will take leadership the sector has never seen before.

Transportation & Logistics

Almost every company relies on the success of this sector. With disruptive technology, security issues and increased competition, leaders need a larger set of skills to be successful.


The challenges are ever changing from electric vehicles, autonomous driving to disruptive entrants into the market such as Google, ensuring a pipeline of agile leaders is essential.

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