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An external perspective can refresh & drive internal innovation.

An external perspective can refresh & drive internal innovation.

Transaction Support, Intelligence & Mapping

You have advisors for every part of your process, having an advisor on talent should be the same. The success of any transaction long term comes back to strong leadership at the start.

Transaction Support

Different stock exchanges, stages of investment, cultures and types of investors can shape and drive the types of leadership required to ensure success. Whether you are looking to acquire, invest or list, CHA is here to ensure you have the right leadership both on your executive team and board to see you through every step.

With the increasing requirements around corporate governance and the changing role of the Board, having someone to support and advise on human capital is more important than ever.

Areas CHA can support:

Do you have the ability to attract top talent?

Is this a question you can honestly answer as a business? Do you know why people want to work with you? These are important questions businesses need to ask themselves but rarely do. In most cases, it is impossible to get direct and truthful answers if your business is the one doing the asking; CHA as an external adviser can help get honest and direct answers, not only from current talent but also from talent who have left.

Conducting both internal and external assessments can ensure you understand why you retain talent and why you don’t. CHA can also look at your ability to attract talent from your competitors; what do they really think about your organisation and what would it take for them to move.

It is not enough to react to your talent needs; it is imperative to be proactive.

Strategic talent mapping allows you to build a picture of future and current talent allowing you to effectively design succession planning, benchmark internal talent and ensure you retain a competitive advantage in the market.

CHA does not rely on databases, we work with real people and real information, starting each project from scratch to ensure you are getting the most up to date information and the insights beyond the data. Understanding the how, what and who will ensure you can make the right decisions for your organisation.

Areas CHA can support:

  • Succession Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Remuneration

The structure of your business has a lasting effect on the efficiency and morale of your organisation.

An unsuitable structure can have unintended consequences with your employees and can impact retention and commercial performance. Companies who are agile and forward thinking will attract the best talent and will be able to ensure they are operating at their most efficient and innovative, ensuring you will have a distinct competitive advantage.

There are many benefits from objectively looking at your organisational design such as:

  • Attraction of higher quality talent
  • Higher retention of high performing talent
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased innovation & productivity
  • Improved internal communication
  • Streamlined costs
  • Better stakeholder engagement

Traditional compensation packages are changing.

Financial rewards are no longer the only driver in regards to talent and a one size fits all approach is no longer appropriate in many scenarios. This is underpinned by an increasing public scrutiny on executive compensation which has been exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Clifton Hill Associates is in an excellent position to offer bespoke real time rewards and benefits information based on your specific requirements. We do not rely on a database of statistics but we conduct real time interviews and analysis with the talent pools you wish to attract; looking beyond the numbers and understanding the motivations and drivers that will help you create thoughtful and competitive compensation packages.

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