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Mining is the past, present & future.

Mining is the past, present & future.

Mining & Metals

As the world moves towards a low carbon economy the need for the mining industry has never been greater.

As the sector returns to growth, companies are facing new operational and financial challenges whilst having to adjust to a post COVID-19 world, which will change how we all do business.

CHA has a particular focus on appointing executives and board members who understand the ever-changing nature of the metals and mining industry and who make a positive impact on an organisation’s risk management and ‘license to operate’ strategy. Using our Assessment tools and Search methodology we can ensure that we are partnering with you to identify the most exceptional talent from around the world.

CEOs and senior executives are facing intense scrutiny based on the increasing transparency required in the sector and heightened awareness of the industry by consumers and social media.

Executive profiles that were successful in the past might not have the skills required to drive their organisation forward in the current climate. This is all underpinned by mounting pressure from investors on topics such as diversity and governance. Companies that are shaping key pieces of regulation alongside maximising shareholder return will continue to have a competitive advantage.

Understanding the pressures our clients face allows us to better understand how to attract and retain professionals in an environment where talent is in short supply and globally dispersed.

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