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At Clifton Hill Associates, we are flexible in every way, except when it comes to our values.

At Clifton Hill Associates, we are flexible in every way, except when it comes to our values.

Why Choose Us?

At CHA we are client-focused and people-centric. Everything we do, every day, is shaped and executed through a deep understanding of our clients and their objectives, and underpinned by the knowledge that the work we do will impact the people involved – both clients and candidates alike.

Without the right leadership, we know that organisations will struggle to adapt to a constantly evolving corporate landscape; at Clifton Hill Associates, we encourage global leaders to recognise the positive correlations that exist between a forward-looking, diverse human capital strategy, robust commercial performance, and a unique competitive advantage.

We build long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates, by ensuring everything we do is steered and supported by our core values: Integrity, Resilience, Innovation and Inclusion.

We strive to be disruptive in a sector that has changed very little in the last few decades.

At CHA we choose to work with a small number of clients, to whom we are deeply dedicated. Client retention is important to us, that is why we will challenge, question, and actively engage with you to think innovatively, as well as spending time understanding your teams, your culture and your objectives as a business. This approach makes us best-placed, time and time again, to find the people that will have the most positive impact on your future.

We adopt a merit-based consulting approach to search and talent development, assessing candidates on the basis of competence, experience, and motivation.

We utilise search and assessment processes that are both fair and transparent keeping our candidates at the heart of the process.

We know that during a search, we are an extension of your organisation; all candidates who are unsuccessful should walk away with a positive experience and professional development. Please read more about our commitment to our candidates in our Candidate Charter.

Integrity. Innovation. Resilience. Inclusion.

We are guided by our values when building long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates; sourcing a diverse candidate pool for every assignment; offering non-traditional/unconventional candidates; and ensuring we work successfully to tight deadlines.

Find out more about our team and our values here.

Why Clifton Hill?

Clifton Hill operates on the belief that the attraction, retention and motivation of talent is the biggest risk factor facing modern business. Without the right leadership, organisations will struggle to adapt to the constantly evolving corporate landscape; CHA can demonstrate that a strong human capital strategy is positively correlated with robust commercial performance and a competitive advantage.

We manage all our engagements with one experienced central team

This ensures one clear and consistent message to the market, safeguarding your reputation. This also means that all candidates have the same experience throughout the process and, even if unsuccessful, leave the process feeling positive about you as a potential future employer.

We know who we know, and we find who we don’t

We, like all search firms, have a variety of candidates with whom we engage on a regular basis, but we understand that they are not always the right fit for the assignment. We use a mixture of traditional and creative search methodology to tap into a global talent pool, but when all else fails we still pick up the phone.


Since 2017, 57% of our Board and Executive hires have been diverse candidates.  We are dedicated to increasing diversity at Board and Executive level – we know that changing the culture of an organisation begins at the top. We are also signatories to the Hampton-Alexander Executive Search Code of Conduct as well as adhering to the standards put in place by the 30% Club.


As a boutique firm we endeavour to work with a smaller number of clients, to foster long-term relationships but also to allow us access to a wider pool of talent, given our limited hands-off agreements with other organisations.

Completion Rate

We understand that during the course of a search, things can change, and new challenges can arise; we work hard to anticipate potential issues, and remain dynamic with our process and approach to ensure we can navigate these quickly and successfully without setbacks to our timelines.

Psychometric assessments are standard with all searches

We believe in transparency in our fee structure, so there are no hidden charges for psychometric and leadership assessments; we believe these assessments are critical to senior hires, giving us a clear understanding of leadership style and potential. We are happy to extend these assessments to a select number of other key individuals, to interpret the potential for a strong cultural fit.

Global Executive Search

& Trusted Leadership Advisor.